Lot river and area


Towpath on the Lot at Bouzies, near Saint-Cirq Lapopie


Saint-Cirq-Lapopie is located 30 km east of Cahors, within the regional natural park Parc naturel régional des Causses du Quercy. The village overlooks the Lot River.

Its position, originally selected for defense, perched on a steep cliff 100 m above the river has helped make the town one of the most popular tourist destinations in the department, and the entire town is almost a museum. After it was “discovered” by the Post-Impressionist Henri Martin in the early 20th century, it became popular with other artists and the home of the writer André Breton.

Saint-Cirq-Lapopie is situated along the French pilgrimage route, Way of St. James. Coming from Cabrerets pilgrims would pass through, and then continue to Cahors, visiting St. Stephen’s cathedral.[1]

The Lot, originally the Olt (Occitan: Òlt; Latin: Oltis) rises in the Cévennes, flowing west through Quercy, where it flows into the Garonne, a total distance of 481 kilometres (299 mi). It gives its name to the departments of Lot and Lot-et-Garonne. (Olt is also the name of a river in Romania (Romanian: Olt; German: Alt; Latin: Aluta or Alutus, Turkish: Oltu, Ancient Greek: Ἄλυτος Alytos).